The Most Exciting…

The most exciting thing ever happened today. I found bathroom doors that were real metal!

Maybe that’s only exciting to me. One of my biggest surprises in doing the Stop. Breathe. Smile. Project is that many things that look metal aren’t magnet-able. The magnets don’t stick, so the Jumping Bean and I got more creative with our placements.

When I find a magnetic door, I step back and admire it. Then I smile…even when it’s warm like summer, and my blood is quick to boil.

Did you happen to see one of these potty magnets? How did you pass the smile on?


About Jules

Prairie-born artist learning to live in the trees and creating paradise in our backyard while listening to the music of a big-hearted, growing boy discovering the world and writing a few songs of her own.
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2 Responses to The Most Exciting…

  1. Ever think about stickers? I know, they could be a bit subversive. They could go up anywhere without anyone noticing. They’d be a bit like graffiti. Yeah, that’s what we need. More positive “bombs” crossing our paths when we least expect them. You go girl 🙂

Where did your Stop.Breathe.Smile moment take you today?

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