Season of Smile: Fall

Fall is like a collective sigh. Nature starts dropping everything, most noticeably, many of the trees drop their leaves. Trees also take minerals and nutrients–the preciousness of summer–deep into their roots to feed them through the winter and make buds in the spring.

When I think of a fall smile, I think of a slow, broad smile–the smile that says, “You are the most precious thing in the world.” These smiles may also be accompanied by a few tears because fall is also a time our smiles are letting go of the richness and fullness of summer. Don’t be afraid of letting go–even of your smile from time to time.



About Jules

Prairie-born artist learning to live in the trees and creating paradise in our backyard while listening to the music of a big-hearted, growing boy discovering the world and writing a few songs of her own.
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Where did your Stop.Breathe.Smile moment take you today?

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