The Secret of Chipotles

I was a Chipotles on Monday picking up lunch for our office. As I waited for the order, I noticed how calm the cashier and the runner were. People were moving everywhere and these two women seemed not at all bothered by the pace behind them.

So, naturally, I said something like this: Wow, you all are so calm. How do you do that?

On of the women answered something like this: It’s part of our training because if we are calm and don’t look like we are in a hurry, our customers don’t feel like they need to rush.

How cool is that?

Thank you Chipotles for your awesome guacamole and designing a super calm staff. What a reason to Stop, breathe, and smile.


About Jules

Prairie-born artist learning to live in the trees and creating paradise in our backyard while listening to the music of a big-hearted, growing boy discovering the world and writing a few songs of her own.
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Where did your Stop.Breathe.Smile moment take you today?

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