Smile Returns

Earlier this month I considered returning the smilgoneviral domain and shutting down the Stop.Breathe.Smile project. A few things happened:

  • The Jumping Bean (JB) gave the crossing guard one of our magnets when he walked to school by himself one day. The next day when we walked to school together, the crossing guard was so delighted by JB’s gift, I had never seen her smile so brightly. She wore that smile ever time I saw her after that and my guess is that she’s still wearing it not.
  • My coworker said she saw a magnet at MUIH, where I got my degree.

So, it has been decided that the project continues to serve and spread smiles with little or no action from me. Thank you for the re-inspiration.

Here we go…

May the adventure and the smile continue.


About Jules

Prairie-born artist learning to live in the trees and creating paradise in our backyard while listening to the music of a big-hearted, growing boy discovering the world and writing a few songs of her own.
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Where did your Stop.Breathe.Smile moment take you today?

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