Recess! Get Smelly!

Take a breathe.
Let it out.
Get out of your chair.
Find the nearest flower.
Smell it.
Notice: Does the flower smell? What does it smell like?
Breathe in.
Breathe out.
Go back to your chair.
Take a sip of water.
Imagine one more time, you are smelling that flower.

Thank you from the summer blooms. The person sitting next to you thanks you too.

Repeat as long and as often as you like.


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Smiles We Meet Along the Way

On our trip a few weeks ago, the Jumping Bean (JB) and I met an amazing person on the plane between Kansas and Maryland. Not only was this gentleman responsible for make sure airplanes can find the runway when it cloudy or rainy, he also was also on his way to give some bone marrow to his brother.

JB and I were both taken in by Mr. Smile’s explanation of what all the signs on the runways mean, what all the little buildings and towers are at the airport, and what happened to set him on his current journey.

As we were getting off the plane, JB offered Mr. Smile a Stop.Breathe.Smile magnet. It turns out that JB had met Mr. Smile’s son at the Kansas City airport. Mr. Smile’s son walked away with a magnet, too. I’d like to think there might be a few more refrigerators where we are reminded to stop, breathe,and smile.

JB and I are sending our smiles and best wishes to Mr. Smile and his family and ever grateful for each airplane that arrives its destination safely.

Please remember to stop, breathe, smile, and pass it on.

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The 40-40: BWI to Kansas and Back Again


Kansas City International Airport

“Forty for me and forty for you,” said the Jumping Bean.

I took a deep breathe and smiled. “I said 15 of each kind,” I replied back.

“I did 10 of each kind for both of us, Mom.”

I did what any mom would do, we loaded them up in our backpacks and headed off to the airport to visit our super-awesome family.

I was sure there was no way we would leave eighty¬† Stop. Breathe. Smile. magnets between Baltimore and Kansas City. Do you know what? Between my stealthiness and the Jumping Bean’s trust in other people, we did it!

If you found a Stop. Breathe. Smile magnet on a chair, in a restroom, on a table, or stuck a trash can–I did it. When blonde child came up to you and asked you to take a magnet or sat one on your suitcase–The Jumping Bean did it.

Thank you for your willingness to receive small tokens of gratitude and love and, of course, for your smiles. You are all in our pockets.


S’more Manhattan
The silliness that is our family

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Kansas City

Be on the look out. We’ll be in Kansas City today spreading the smiles. We’ll start our trail at the airport and see where it leads.

Did you find a Stop. Breathe. Smile. magnet? What did you did next?

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Recess! Cat Nap!

Read this then jump out of your chair.
Jump. Jump. Jump.
Fall back into your chair (Don’t miss!)
Close your eyes. Snooze for a few breaths.
Open your eyes.
Take a sip of water.

Thank you from bunnies, the kitties, the blazing hot sun, and the big leafy tress. The person
sitting next to you thanks you too.

Repeat as long and as often as you like.

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Chair Racin’

I was in an office supply store today with a package waiting for my turn. I was a little bored and put out. Waiting SUCKS! I only needed to drop the darn package off. The shipping was already paid. Then, my knees hit the front of a nicely padded spinning chair.

I stopped. I took a breath. I smiled.

I sat down and tested that chair’s clockwise spin. What an amazing spin! So, I tested its counter-clockwise spin too. Awesome.

When I was my turn to drop off the package, I asked the service person if they had tested all of their chairs thoroughly. Did they ever have chair races around the aisle?¬† Everyone stopped for a minute and laughed. I was told between giggles that there was a race course set up in the back. I asked them if they were hiring. They aren’t.

What do you while you are waiting? Have you taken a chair for a spin lately?

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Recess! Silly Dance!

Read this and then stand up.
Stand up straight.
Take a deep breath–l
Let that breath out–
Put your hands in the air
and move them like you just don’t care
Add a little hip
Add a little hop
Smile. Breathe.
Sit down.
Take a deep breath.
Let it out.
Take a sip of water.

Thank you from night after the rain breeze, the red strawberries, the freshly turned soil and the snoozing kitties. The person sitting next to you thanks you too.

Repeat as long and as often as you like.

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