Recess! Be the wind!

The wind has been blowing over the last few days. It’s a sure sign that we are moving into winter. This week take a break and be the wind. Breathe out what you feel and make space for something else. Are you breathing soft like a breeze or sudden and window rattling like a gust?


Read this and then stand up.
Wiggle your body.
Take a deep breath in.
Blow it out like the wind.
Fast or slow.
You decide how you blow.
Repeat at least tree times.
Wiggle your body.
Sit down.
Take a deep breath.
Let it out.
Take a sip of water

Thank you from the scattering leaves, the holly berries, the cold wind, and warm sweaters. The person sitting next to you thanks you too.

Repeat as long and as often as you like.


About Jules

Prairie-born artist learning to live in the trees and creating paradise in our backyard while listening to the music of a big-hearted, growing boy discovering the world and writing a few songs of her own.
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Where did your Stop.Breathe.Smile moment take you today?

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