Smile Returns

Earlier this month I considered returning the smilgoneviral domain and shutting down the Stop.Breathe.Smile project. A few things happened:

  • The Jumping Bean (JB) gave the crossing guard one of our magnets when he walked to school by himself one day. The next day when we walked to school together, the crossing guard was so delighted by JB’s gift, I had never seen her smile so brightly. She wore that smile ever time I saw her after that and my guess is that she’s still wearing it not.
  • My coworker said she saw a magnet at MUIH, where I got my degree.

So, it has been decided that the project continues to serve and spread smiles with little or no action from me. Thank you for the re-inspiration.

Here we go…

May the adventure and the smile continue.

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The Secret of Chipotles

I was a Chipotles on Monday picking up lunch for our office. As I waited for the order, I noticed how calm the cashier and the runner were. People were moving everywhere and these two women seemed not at all bothered by the pace behind them.

So, naturally, I said something like this: Wow, you all are so calm. How do you do that?

On of the women answered something like this: It’s part of our training because if we are calm and don’t look like we are in a hurry, our customers don’t feel like they need to rush.

How cool is that?

Thank you Chipotles for your awesome guacamole and designing a super calm staff. What a reason to Stop, breathe, and smile.

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Recess! Be the wind!

The wind has been blowing over the last few days. It’s a sure sign that we are moving into winter. This week take a break and be the wind. Breathe out what you feel and make space for something else. Are you breathing soft like a breeze or sudden and window rattling like a gust?


Read this and then stand up.
Wiggle your body.
Take a deep breath in.
Blow it out like the wind.
Fast or slow.
You decide how you blow.
Repeat at least tree times.
Wiggle your body.
Sit down.
Take a deep breath.
Let it out.
Take a sip of water

Thank you from the scattering leaves, the holly berries, the cold wind, and warm sweaters. The person sitting next to you thanks you too.

Repeat as long and as often as you like.

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Season of Smile: Fall

Fall is like a collective sigh. Nature starts dropping everything, most noticeably, many of the trees drop their leaves. Trees also take minerals and nutrients–the preciousness of summer–deep into their roots to feed them through the winter and make buds in the spring.

When I think of a fall smile, I think of a slow, broad smile–the smile that says, “You are the most precious thing in the world.” These smiles may also be accompanied by a few tears because fall is also a time our smiles are letting go of the richness and fullness of summer. Don’t be afraid of letting go–even of your smile from time to time.


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Recess! Trees!

  1. Smile.
  2. ImageRead this and then stand up.
  3. Walk outside
  4. Find a tree
  5. Get close
  6. Touch it. Climb it. Notice how it moves.
  7. Thank the tree.
  8. Skip, dance, run, or jump back inside
  9. Smile.
  10. Breathe.
  11. Sit down.
  12. Take a deep breath.
  13. Let it out.
  14. Take a sip of water.
  15. Smile.

Thank you from the heavy sunflowers, the blushing tomatoes, the cooling breezes, and the warm sun. The person sitting next to you thanks you too.

Repeat as long and as often as you like.

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Season of Smile: Late Summer

In the Chinese way of thinking, we have five seasons. Late summer is a season you may not recognized.Image

Late summer can be that time when the summer evenings become a little cooler and the tomatoes lay heavy on the vine. The oaks start dropping mostly green acorns. You might even notice some of the trees loose there intense summer green and start fading to a more gentle yellow. Late summer can also be described as the pause as four seasons we are familiar with change.

The late summer smile is slow and gentle– like the secret mum’s smile she only has when she is watching her children and she doesn’t know anyone is watching her.

The late summer smile is like a hug. It warms you from the inside and leaves you feeling well cared for and unconditionally loved.

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The Most Exciting…

The most exciting thing ever happened today. I found bathroom doors that were real metal!

Maybe that’s only exciting to me. One of my biggest surprises in doing the Stop. Breathe. Smile. Project is that many things that look metal aren’t magnet-able. The magnets don’t stick, so the Jumping Bean and I got more creative with our placements.

When I find a magnetic door, I step back and admire it. Then I smile…even when it’s warm like summer, and my blood is quick to boil.

Did you happen to see one of these potty magnets? How did you pass the smile on?

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